Inspired by documents within the Sanderson Archive and by oriental art forms, the five printed designs include magnificent peony bunches, stylised cherry blossoms and elegant fans. All these prints are exceptionally detailed and beautifully capture the essence of the flower they depict, be it with fine brush detail or with delicate hand drawing.

Available on a mix of cotton and linen grounds, some colourways work perfectly as statement pieces while others create beautiful natural backdrops to an informal interior.The three opulent silk designs feature intricate prints and embroidery. The printed stems of the Buddlea design uses metallic over dazzling colours, including striking combinations of pear and cerise or chocolate and orange. The embroideries are on muted shades of duck egg, lavender, cream and gold and use vibrant silk threads to create delicate, feminine designs.

Perfect for drapes and curtains, Tinta and Maia embroidery, Buddlea printed silk and Global Silk plains all provide an injection of luxury into any bedroom or living setting.

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